A dedicated team of over 200 volunteer industry experts at your service.

For Entrepreneurs: The Support You Need to Grow.

While learning events and workshops help entrepreneurs begin their endeavors, MCE believes that to succeed, they need access to people with real-world experience: people who have “been there, done that”. Many entrepreneurs find they lack the deep and wide network of relationships in relevant industries necessary for the growth of their business.

As a solution to this common challenge, MCE has developed a dedicated team of volunteer industry experts to better serve Maine companies and organizations looking to grow and scale. We pair strong mentors with high-potential entrepreneurs for best results.

When entrepreneurs choose to work with MCE, they are given access to a network of seasoned professionals, with worldwide connections and deep industry knowledge to assist them in their growth. Specifically, Maine Mentor Network (MMN) mentors provide support to Maine companies in the following ways:

1. Mentor Meet-Ups

MMN mentors meet regularly with members who participate in our entrepreneur programs like Top Gun, Cultivator, MarketShare & BioStartup.

2. Specialized Assistance

MMN mentors also act as providers of specialized assistance on an as-needed basis to program enrollees and workshop attendants.

3. One-on-One Mentoring

Maine entrepreneurs can also schedule one-hour-long, one-on-one meetings with MMN mentors during occasional office hours.

4. Pitch Training

MMN mentors provide additional expertise and guidance during our Top Gun program by providing tips and constructive feedback during Pitch labs.

Become a Mentor: Helping Maine Businesses Succeed

What’s in it for our mentors? MMN mentors receive the satisfaction of helping build Maine’s entrepreneurial community while experiencing exposure to fresh talent, technologies, energy, and ideas, as well as opportunities to expand their own business networks during bi-monthly, mentor-only events.

Who Should Join?

Business Professionals who:

  • Are interested in sharing their experience
  • Want to see the Maine Entrepreneurial Community grow and succeed
  • Are ready to “give back and pay it forward”
  • Would want to network with other professionals

What is My Time Commitment?

The Maine Mentor Network provides a variety of ways to participate. With a focus on Top Gun and Cultivator there are opportunities for short-term or long-term assignments

Mentors can:

  • Choose how much time they are willing to commit
  • Target the type of companies they can best serve
  • Identify a meeting format that will maximize their impact

When Can I Apply? Open Applications. Apply anytime!

Mentorship opportunity begins when your application is accepted

Mentor Roles

Lead Mentor

  • One on One relationship
  • Guides Entrepreneur
  • Assists in identifying needs

Team Mentor

  • Part of mentoring team
  • Provides specific area expertise

Session Mentor

  • Attends and assists entrepreneurs in one or more learning sessions

Coffee Mentor

  • Meets with Entrepreneurs once or twice to discuss a single topic or challenge

Assessment Mentor (Cultivator Only)

  • Works with specific companies to assess opportunities for growth development

Mentor Testimonials

“The entrepreneurs always seem to appreciate the advice provided by mentors, and we all benefit from learning about new business ideas and nurturing their growth right here in Maine.  Most of all, it’s fun – people respect and appreciate one another and natural relationships develop that extend well beyond the program.”

– Brian Walker, Trailguide Consulting, Maine Angels & MCE Mentor

“Over the past 4 years I have had the privilege of being a mentor in MCE’s Top Gun, Cultivator and MarketShare programs.  It is very rewarding to work with emerging Maine companies and contribute to their success.”

– Kim Koehler, MCE Mentor

“Being an MCE Mentor has been a rich experience. It has been an opportunity to ‘give back’ or share some of my experience and has also opened my eyes to the tremendous community of creative entrepreneurs in Maine. I have learned much in this mutually beneficial relationship and the MCE staff as well as other Mentors are very welcoming.”  

– John Shorb, The Delphi Group & MCE Mentor

“I had the pleasure of mentoring Erica Shmitz, the founder of My Body Model, and I had so much fun! Erica and I met weekly to check in on her progress throughout the Top Gun program and we always had plenty to talk about. It was rewarding both ways!”

– Becky McKinnell, iBEC Creative & MCE Mentor

“Being a first-year TopGun mentor was even more rewarding than I thought it would be. The program content is well executed, even if the participants sometimes feel as if they are drinking out of a fire hose! The mentor-to-mentee matches really connect and the relationships last. As someone who has been in industry for over 30 years, it is exciting to be part of the next wave of innovation in Maine!”

– Karla Doremus-Tranfield, KDT Business Strategies & MCE Mentor

“Being an MCE mentor has allowed me to share some of what I’ve learned in decades of consulting with new Maine entrepreneurs, a win-win-win for Maine’s economy, new business creators, and me! Getting to know other mentors is another benefit of being a part of this great organization.”

– Dana Morris Jones, The Delphi Group & MCE Mentor